tsfans » Shemales BDSM » [Kink] Mistress Alexa Scout Dominates & Fucks Bitch Boy Masyn Thorne 06 Jun 2022 [HD, 1080p]

[Kink] Mistress Alexa Scout Dominates & Fucks Bitch Boy Masyn Thorne 06 Jun 2022 [HD, 1080p]

[Kink] Mistress Alexa Scout Dominates & Fucks Bitch Boy Masyn Thorne 06 Jun 2022

[Kink] Mistress Alexa Scout Dominates & Fucks Bitch Boy Masyn Thorne 06 Jun 2022 [HD, 1080p]

File: mp4 l (4.35 GB)
Video: avc1 l 01:01:18 l 10000 Kbps l 1920x1080 l 29.970 fps
Audio: mp4a-40-2 l 160 Kbps l 48 Khz

Description: Dangling like a piece of meat in a butcher shop, Masyn Thorne is intricately bound, arms behind his back, one leg restricted, balancing on his tippy-toe, blind-folded and patiently awaiting his mistress' arrival. Dressed in knee-high black leather boots, tight black pencil skirt and a lacy bra with her pink nipples peeking through and bouncy silky brown hair, Mistress Alexa Scout enters the vacant room. "What's your name boy?" she asks sinisterly. "Masyn" the nervous boy responds with a quiver in his voice. "No, I'm going to call you Bitch Boy." With his name stripped away, he is left suspended, submissive to his domantrix needs, wants, and desires. Mistress Alexa is the Queen of shit-talking and the boy is her prey; making him recite how worthless, insignificant, and pointless his existence is to her. "You are nothing but my little fuck-toy" "Yes mistress, I'm worthless" Bitch Boy obediently responds. Mistress Alexa begins with removing the sock from Bitch Boy's semi-hard cock and starts striking him with a cross-shaped riding crop, turning his butt, thighs, and chest rosy and hot. "Please give me more Mistress, I'm not worthy!" she continues to strike him while he's blindfolded, unknowing where the next sting will land. As she sees his dick grow hard with the intensity of the pain, she squats down to take a taste of his growing cock. "Does that feel good?" she asks. "Ohhhh yes mistress! The boy exclaims – "Never mind!" She stops sucking his dick immediately, determined that the pleasure of the play will be all hers. Whipping out her bag of tricks, she grabs a handful of clothespins and begins to sadistically pin-up his balls and dick, he's surprised that the pain is actually pleasurable, still blindfolded, not knowing what is giving him this intense throbbing sensation. Fucking with the Bitch Boy is giving Mistress Alexa great mental and physical pleasure, so much that she is bulging out of her little lace panties. She whips out her large uncut lady-cock and starts rubbing it against Bitch Boy Masyn's hard dick. She shoves his hard dick into her foreskin, docking and rubbing back and forth. She spins the bound-boy around to rub her rock-hard cock across his bubble butt. Before she fucks his sweet ass, she wants to take a taste of that sweet twink hole. Determined to fuck the hell out of her submissive, she takes a break and then has him bound in a chair much more suitable for fucking: his legs tied down by his ankles, chest harness tied with rope and his booty ready for domination, this boy's ass is hers. What does Mistress Alexa love more than shit-talking? Eating cute boy-hole! She tongues his tight asshole as she rubs her rock-hard cock, throbbing against her lacy black panties, pulling out to reveal her delicious dick. She whips out her lady-dong and makes him suck it down to her pretty shaved balls. She holds his head down on her hard throbbing cock until he gags, choking on her swollen dick. "Take it Bitch Boy" she force-fucks his mouth and throat until she's good and ready to shove her dick in his tight hole. As she takes turn, fucking his mouth and his ass, he is restrained, pleasure meets pain and he's in ecstasy. Giving him relief for moments from her intense pounding, she smothers his face in her natural boobs, making him taste her pink nipples, catching her breath, then shoves his head in her sweaty white bubble ass before pounding him again. As her balls start to ache with cum, she unties his ankles, takes a seat in the chair like a queen, makes him remove her leather boots and sweaty athletic socks, to reveal her French-manicured pretty toes. She again makes him submit to her by bowing down on his hands and knees, sucking her lady-cock, spinning him around so she can perv out on his boy butt, alternating between fucking him, stroking her long uncut dick, perving out on his ass before blowing a huge load of cum all over his freshly fucked asshole. Bitch Boy served his mistress well, "lay here in a pool of your own ass-juice and my cum until I'm ready for round 2!" Alexa demands. "Yes Mistress!"

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