tsfans » Shemales BDSM » [Kink] Izzy Wilde - Torment Of The New Recruit Izzy Wilde And Andrew Powers 19 Jun 2022 [HD, 1080...

[Kink] Izzy Wilde - Torment Of The New Recruit Izzy Wilde And Andrew Powers 19 Jun 2022 [HD, 1080...

[Kink] Izzy Wilde - Torment Of The New Recruit Izzy Wilde And Andrew Powers 19 Jun 2022 [HD, 1080p]

[Kink] Izzy Wilde - Torment Of The New Recruit Izzy Wilde And Andrew Powers 19 Jun 2022 [HD, 1080...

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Description: Clearly the new recruit Andrew Powers didn't realize what he was signing up for when he enlisted. A good time with the boys quickly turned into being tied down and restrained in the barracks waiting on Sergeant Izzy Wilde next demanding order. "Well, well, well. What do we have here? Looks like my boys got you in a heavy predicament." Sergeant Wilde taunts the boy as she stomps into the army barracks —slamming the door behind her! She surveys the situation and finds joy in his humiliating position. She takes her riding crop and flicks and teases his soft cock. With a maniacal laugh, Izzy Wilde rolls him on his side to get a better taste of that boy hole! She licks, slobbers, and rims at his tight little new recruit hole. Like a Wilde little piggy and this is her first time at the pig trough, she can't stop chowing down on his tasty pink hole. Powers can't resist — the ropes are too tight, he squirms between pleasure and pain at her every touch. Wilde flicks at his ass and balls with her riding crop before deciding this boy needs to work on his muscles a little more if he ever wants to be a real man. So she unties him and runs the rope through his ass crack and pulls it tight around his cock and balls, forcing her new play-toy to do pushups while her leather boot adds a little extra resistance to his training. She gets hot and her pretty lady cock grows hard watching him squirm under her boot with that rope giving his butthole rope burn — She takes her tits and cock out for him to worship. "It time to put that pretty little mouth of yours to good use" She takes recruit Power's ball-gag off and fucks his slobbery mouth hole before sitting on his face. She squeals with delight as she smothers his face in her white perfectly toned bubble butt, gasping for breath. Sergeant Wilde squirms and bounces her ass on his face, deeper and deeper she pushes her checks over his mouth like an alien face hugger until she notices that this recruit is enjoying himself a bit too much. As he's still restrained, Sergeant Wilde has him tied to the bed frame and with her whip in hand and her hard cock she decides it's time to teach that weak ass recruit exactly who is in charge. She spits on his hole and starts fucking him in the ass bareback with her thick hard lady cock. His red ass bounces with each trust. He moans and moans as her cock pounds from behind. She grabs his ropes, pulling him close to her and fucking him hard in his asshole. It feels amazing. He can hardly keep his load inside his aching balls, it's begging to be released but he doesn't want this feeling to end. It's too late, his thick ropy load pours out onto the floor as he can't help but giggle as he cums hard, as Sergeant Wilde keeps fucking his hole. Powers is overtaking with laughter and delight. Wilde licks his face and warns him this is just the warmup for the rest of the boys. Panic flash across Power's face he doesn't know if his hole can take all this abuse, but he can't get away he is too firmly bound. He has a sinking feeling — as the rest of his hot load drips from his dick and balls — this was nothing like his imagination said the military would be like.

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