tsfans » Shemales BDSM » [Kink] Tori Easton, Colby Jansen - Sounds Like Love At First Slap! 06 Jul 2022 [HD, 1080p]

[Kink] Tori Easton, Colby Jansen - Sounds Like Love At First Slap! 06 Jul 2022 [HD, 1080p]

[Kink] Tori Easton, Colby Jansen - Sounds Like Love At First Slap! 06 Jul 2022 [HD, 1080p]

[Kink] Tori Easton, Colby Jansen - Sounds Like Love At First Slap! 06 Jul 2022 [HD, 1080p]

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Colby waits suspended by his wrist while fiery red-head Tori's fast hands strokes up and down his body, his nipples, his hairy chest, his beard. she slaps him. He says the most flattering things, and this makes her wild inside. "You're so pretty" she smacks his ass. "Tell me again" she orders back at him. She slaps him again. His ass turns a new shade of pink!

Over and over, she works his ass, then she pulls out her flogger and continues to work him over. His ass, his thighs, his cock, she doesn't care. She smacks harder and harder, "Tell me again" she orders.

She wails on him, smacking his dick over and over, harder, and louder until he begs for mercy. Even then she barely notices and keeps flicking his nob with her riding crop, grabbing at his tender cock with her long red nails. She pulls his dick out, unimpressed at his size, humiliating him, then she smacks his dick with her leather flogger.

Mistress Tori works Colby's hairy chest and nipples, before going to her newest bag of tricks: she assures him that his dick will love it. She takes her long metal probes out and pinches this dickhead between her fingers and slides the wide cold metal probe into his dick slit – sounding him slow and steady. Teasing the head, he winces it's so strange and cold, filling him up from inside. She probes his dick head — in and out. He felt like he could cum any second.

"Not yet!" she smacks his dick and chest and flips him around on the leather fuck-bench and continues her abuse of his ass. This time she goes back to her leather paddle, beating his rosy, hot cheeks into submission.

Knowing what he really came for, what he really needs. Tori opens the front of her leather panties and slides her huge beautiful thick dick into his pie hole. She fucks his bearded face and the energy in the room changes, he finally finds his happy place. On all fours he sucks her cock, looking up to make sure she is happy, she shoves deeper into his face till he gags on her pretty dick.

Tori slaps him then double checks Colby's hand restraints and walks over to his yearning ass. She rubs her dick with some spit and then slides into his hole, grabbing the elastic jockstrap, balling it up into a handle. She places one leg up on the bench and continues to work her dick deeper into his ass. She slaps his flaming red ass, flipping her hair around. His leg twitches from the pleasure this moment gives him. She starts to really fuck his ass with her big hard cock, and he moans with encouragement.

She then unties him and makes him kneel. Colby takes off her thigh-high black leather boots and worships her red polished toes, sucking and licking them before she makes him get back on the fuck bench again. She puts her fingers in his hole, stretching and pulling at the edges then she shoves her lady cock back into him.

Colby loves being fucked by this gorgeous Mistress! She slaps at his face and claws at his neck while she continues to pound deeper and deeper. She slaps him again in the face. She uses his dick like a handle and rides his ass. She slaps him again with her hand, this time on the chest, Over and Over her rhythmic fucking builds to a climax. She keeps slapping and fucking until she reaches that no return and cums on his belly.

Sufficiently pleased with herself — she takes her leather top off and throws it to the floor leaving him on the floor, on his knees, smelling her sweet smell and quivering with orgasmic joy.

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